Corrugated Cardboard FAQs
Corrugated Boxes FAQs


What is a Corrugated Box?

What is a Corrugated Box? Corrugated shipping boxes are made of sheets of corrugated cardboard. Stacks of corrugated cardboard are trimmed, scored, and folded to create cartons of all shapes and sizes. Glue is applied to corners and folds for even greater stability.

Paper product classification and related policies

A: After nearly 30 years of development, China’s paper product packaging industry has now reached the mid-stage of industrialization, and the embryonic form of large-scale and intensive development has taken shape..

Analysis of Paper Product Production and Consumption

A: With the reform of supply and adjustment of industrial structure, the structural problems of some products' production capacity will be further improved. At the same time, with the refinement of environmental protection policies and the industrial structure of some areas...

Paper products import and export analysis

A: In 2018, the import volume of paper products nationwide was 180,000 tons, a decrease of 5.26% from the previous year; the export volume was 3.23 million tons, an increase of 5.21% from the previous year. In 2019, the import volume of paper products nationwide was 120,000 tons...

Corrugated Box Production Line Equipment

A: The corrugated board production line is abbreviated as the tile line, which is the key production equipment of the corrugated box production enterprise. The corrugated board production line is the most important production line equipment in the carton packaging enterprise..

Four-color printing machine

A:In particular, it refers to a printing press that uses four inks of black, medium blue, brown, and green to realize the lithographic method of map copying. Use the subtractive method to print with three primary colors (yellow, magenta, cyan) and black..